Soleus Go Activity Tracker Bands Reviews

  • soleusgoFitness watch with band design featuring weather/temperature function via Bluetooth connection to smartphone and time/date display
  • Quartz movement with digital display
  • Protective mineral crystal dial window
  • 3D accelerometer; distance; avg pace/speed; step counter; rechargeable battery
  • Calories burned; sleep pattern tracking; fitness goal tracking; vibration alerts; popper plate closure
  • Wake up alert; incoming call/text alerts (via Bluetooth connection to smartphone); move time
  • Weather/temperature (via Bluetooth connection to smartphone); time/date OLED display; silicone band
  • Not water resistant

The Best Review

In advance of i start out this evaluate, i need to have you the reader know that I have used in the previous 6 months, numerous exercise trackers which consist of

– Withings Pulse
– Fitbit One particular
– Basis B1
– Polar Loop
– Pebble steel (popular wise view)

So action trackers are absolutely nothing new to me. I’m working with Nexus five (android) as my phone only for the record.

So let’s proceed with my evaluate

Pedometer Functions – How exact
Following comparing the actions calculated amongst polar loop and basis b1, i come to feel the steps calculations are far more or significantly less in line with one another. about a 100 steps variation on the finish of the day

Calorie calculation,
this activity tracker is the least accurate as there’s no heart beat sensor unlike basis b1 and polar loop (with H7). Immediately after a forty mins workout, i get 250 kcal burnt with this particular exercise tracker and shut to 400kcal burnt with polar loop. Soleus Go do track the distant travel day-to-day unlike polar loop and basis b1 so this is certainly a plus level right here.

Comfort smart, i truly feel this one is definitely the most comfortable among polar loop and basis b1. I’ve extremely thin wristbut under no circumstances do i truly feel uncomfortable sporting this 24/7

Design and style sensible, i nevertheless just like the look of Polar Loop. Soleus go seems to be additional like Fitbit Force.

User settable aims, Soleus Go lets consumer to set the following objectives

Actions – you are able to set the number of steps you need to reach daily as your ambitions. I set mine to become 12000. A lot of activity trackers tend not to make it possible for this. If you meet your stage objective, you will get a vibration by using a smile icon.

Calories – you’ll be able to set the number of calories to burn each day as your aim. Polar loop will calculate for you an action aim but you never understand what that intention is.

Exercise time – You could set on the day-to-day basis, how prolonged you need to training as your physical exercise aim. You are able to set this down to minutes. I set mine to forty mins. Again not several action trackers allow this.

Exercise Distance – You may set a distance travelled during your work out. This works on both indoor machine like elliptical or running outside. You could set down
to metres for this aim.

Calibrate distance – This attribute relates to work out distance. Immediately after working for a while on the recognized distance track, you can actually calibrate the work out distance. Internally the activity tracker will maintain track in the calibration element. In long term this calibration factor will probably be employed to calculate exercising distance so distance calculated are going to be far more accurate. I am not confident if this calibration component will affect day by day distance travelled outdoors of exercising mode or not though. This characteristic is extremely nice. Its equivalent to my polar s1 foot pod which i used with my polar ft80.

Other great characteristics
Move – you are able to set the activity tracker to vibrate and alert you if you are inactive for any whilst. You are able to set when it comes to minutes. I set mine to fifty five mins. So when the action tracker detected that i’ve however to move in any respect from my position for 55 mins, i get a buzz. This can be a amazing attribute that so far looks to only be current in Jawbone UP, UP24 and fibit force.

Sleep tracking – you could set this to automatic or manual.For automatic, you’ll have to specify a time once the exercise tracker ought to begin tracking sleep. This is contrary to the automatic rest monitoring of basis and polar loop the place you are able to just lie down and head to rest with out activating something. I use this automated sleep characteristic like a technique to tell me when to go rest. For manual mode, you will have to activate the rest function if you are about to sleep.

The tracker will continue to keep track of regardless of whether that you are in Light rest or deep rest phase but I doubt the accuracy of this kind of specifics. Even basis b1 sleep tracking, i am not positive how precise that’s. The wonderful matter about rest tracking attribute of Soleus go is you may specify a wake up time and also a window period. The exercise tracker will figure out whether or not it really should vibrate to wake you up through the window time period prior to your specified wake up time. i set mine to wake up at 6.35am and window period of 5 mins. The activity tracker will vibrate to wake me up earlier in between 6.30am to 6.35am if it detects i’m in light sleep mode. If i’m in deep sleep, the activity tracker will wake me on the specified time. This characteristic is probably the offering stage of Jawbone UP, UP24 and fitbit force. As i have an understanding of, a great deal of non jawbone UP end users wish for this attribute

Cell phone Notification – This is a significant characteristic. Its one among the primary explanation why i stop utilizing my polar loop and switch to Soleus Go as a substitute. This tracker in fact will work with android telephone (most recent android phones which assistance Bluetooth Reduced power). Almost all another action trackers only perform with Iphones plus a great deal are struggling to come up with companion android app. With this particular feature, i can now obtain incoming get in touch with or incoming message (SMS). My Soleus Go will vibrate to alert me and I no longer miss out on any calls or sms. I want they are going to lengthen this characteristic to whatsapp or hangout messages though. But with this particular function at the current state, i don’t even put on my pebble steel view anymore.

Bluetooth connectivity stablitiy – Yesterday there was an android app update (one.0.37). Prior to this update, this tracker will drop bluetooth connection many time and i’ve to fix once more and once again. With this update, i have but to shed connection following 18 hours. I really feel the update should have resolve the bluetooth connectivity difficulties and hope i do not have to restore my cellphone and action tracker again.

Water evidence – The action tracker is water resistent but not suggested to deliver out to swim. I’ve thus far show with it, wash it right after every work out without troubles.

Battery existence – So far i have applied my soleus go for three weeks. I only must charge the tracker after the 7th day. So the advertised 5 to 7 days battery lifestyle is accurate.

Lastly, this action tracker definitely exchange multiple products for me. Its like basis + jawbone UP + Pebble steel all in 1. I’m searching forward to potential updates for this action tracker and i’m able to give it a six star if a lot more attributes are extra 🙂

The Bad Review

I obtained this band to exchange my Fitness Force band that I sadly was recalled.
Pros – There exists only one…
* The thought of a phase counter that could also vibrate to notify you if you possess a mobile phone get in touch with or an appointment is an fantastic thought.

Cons – and there are lots of. I’ll only checklist the ones that bother me quite possibly the most.
* Bluetooth will not remain linked to phone. Inside the brief time (4 hrs) I wore this band it acquired disconnected from my telephone three occasions. I wore the band on my left arm and also the cell phone was generally in my left pant pocket.
* No customization of what information and facts to show and no rearranging the purchase of details either. For example, step counting is vital to me. To view variety off phase taken, I needed to press the button five times to skip as a result of time, date, calories and some other utterly unimportant display to obtain to actions.
* The buttons are rather tough to press.
* Just one band size and it truly is way massive – I consider myself an normal size individual with typical wrist. Still the band is so large that it does the hola hoops on my wrist.
* Not intuitive to utilize – I needed to read through the instructions to set it up. I’m frequently tech savvy and this is often the initial time I required to read through the guidelines to setup any electronic gadget.
* Poorly created charge cable – it took me several tries to get the matter charge due to the fact the charging cable will not keep place.
Immediately after less than one day of owning the band, it was clear to me that this device is just not worth the annoyance. Will not waste your time and money on this device. I’d not put on it even when it was absolutely free.

And What about your review?
Comment it!


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