Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Running Watches Review

  • PolarFT7HeartRateMonitorNot bluetooth compatible
  • Includes the comfortable H1 heart rate chest strap.
  • Watch and heart rate monitor ideal for active types interested in monitoring their fitness level based on heart rate
  • Innovative EnergyPointer feature graphically displays real-time information during workout, letting you know if you’re burning fat or improving aerobic fitness
  • OwnCal calculates number of calories expended during a training session based on weight, height, age, gender, and maximum heart rate
  • Comes with Polar FT7 training computer, Polar WearLink+ transmitter, and FT7 Getting Started Guide
  • Includes limited two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Includes the comfortable H1 heart rate chest strap for accurate heart rate, strap size M-XXL fits chest size 30-45 inches

The Best Review

Prior to settling on the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor, I did many analysis around the different forms of HRM available. I was hunting to get a HRM that would not just give me my heart rate, but I also wanted a bit additional options, but I did not want many capabilities that the higher numbered FT models provided.

When I saw the FT7 model, I was surprised to find out so little reviews or mentions of this model. I am not certain why, maybe this can be a newer model or Polar just prefers directing people today to the much more highly-priced models since I kept seeing many testimonials for the F6 or F7, FT40, and FT60 models.

Immediately after comparing many Polar HRMs, I settled for the FT7 due to the fact it had each of the features that I was searching for within a HRM.


– Monitors heart rates. I discovered the monitoring to be accurate except underwater. (I will go into detail about that a little later.)
– Counts Calories. The Calorie counter appears to become quite correct. I have utilized it for walking, spinning classes, swimming, and strength education sessions as well as the calorie counts are affordable.
– Target heart price graph. The graph is beneficial for seeing where you happen to be and if you are inside your minimum and maximum HR “fitness” ranges throughout a session.
– Quite user friendly. Even though there aren’t any directions on setting up the watch, I didn’t feel they were necessary. I didn’t even bother hunting in the manual until I was accomplished configuring the watch, but I’ve never ever been one particular to read manuals. Even so, others could find the lack of a detailed manual a little frustrating.
– Shops Training Files. Which incorporate records of session durations, calories burned, average HR, Maximum HR, and the quantity of time your exercise HR was spent inside the target range.
– Weekly Summaries. This fundamentally sums up the total volume of time spent training, the total calories for the duration of every session, and how many sessions throughout the week.
– Settings are very simple to transform especially for those who have any weight modifications and wish to keep an accurate count of calories getting burned.
– There is certainly also a backlight, which can be rather handy if you’re someplace with minimal lighting.
– I also discovered that in the event you hold the “down arrow” button, you could adjust the time for you to a second time zone which you can set by going by way of the “quick menu” which is accessed by holding down the “backlight button (*)” which also leads to the “button lock” feature. For those who hold down the “up arrow” button, it is possible to alter the “Watch face” to just show the time and date or the time and date and logo, which is smaller sized on the face, nevertheless it includes seconds and FT7 logo along the bottom.
– The women’s watch is black with a gold stripe down the center with the band. I discovered the design and style to become all right. It is actually much less flashy and colorful as the other models, which is 1 reason I like this watch. I can wear it with my function clothing and it does not stand out substantially.
– User changeable batteries. This was a thing I genuinely wanted out of my HRM. I by no means liked sending one thing towards the manufacturer for replacements even under warranty. I just never like dealing with shipping, waiting, and further costs.
– Water Resistant. I’ve utilized this HRM inside the pool and the monitoring is comparatively precise when it essentially reads the transmitter. I think the Polar web-site notes that in some highly chlorinated pools or seawater the transmitter won’t be picked up underwater. The pool in my health club is extremely chlorinated and there have been occasions when the HRM is not going to pick up my heart price. But if I just sit nevertheless inside the water for a minute or so the watch will pick up the signal once more. Although this can get annoying when you are wanting to swim laps for endurance. The watch nonetheless offers me a fair calculation of calories I’ve burned for the duration of my swim sessions. Even though the calorie count is probably reduce since I’m not sure how long the watch is not reading my heart rate throughout occasions when I am swimming a number of laps nonstop. I also tried applying this in a saltwater treated pool as well as the moment I went underwater the transmitter does not perform at all. So I am guessing that this HRM is not going to work in the event you are swimming within the ocean.

Chest Strap

– The Chest strap is extremely comfy, and I normally don’t really feel it, but then once more it might be simply because I’m utilized to possessing something strapped around my chest all day. And I’ve had no issues of it slipping. It’s also suggested to wet the straps slightly. I commonly just wet my hands a bit and rub against the cloth location, and I’m excellent to go.
– User changeable batteries. The transmitter pops off easily from the strap, and just like the watch, I can change my own batteries, but unfortunately the watch and transmitter use distinctive sorts of batteries.
– A different perk is the fact that most of the machines in my fitness center also choose up the transmitter readings, permitting me not must maintain glancing at my watch when I’m on the elliptical or cycling.

All round, I definitely like this watch. For the price tag I paid, it was worth it and it offers me each of the simple factors I need to monitor my exercise sessions.

If you want a easy watch that offers you pretty accurate heart rates, calorie burns, coaching records, and user changeable batteries the FT7 is usually a less costly choice for the FT40 and FT60 models.

The Bad Review

I currently own a FT7 which is about a year old. I just wanted to pass along some advice: do not waste your time buying a Polar HRM watch as there will be a period for required service. My current watch is a FT 7. I have also owned a RS 200. For the FT7, I followed the general instructions on the care of a HRM watch which included the cleaning of the contacts of the transmitter and washing the chest strap. Unfortunately, I did not do this for the RS200 and was a product of Polar customer service before and after the warranty period: I was charged for servicing which included battery replacements of the watch and transmitter and received a new transmitter due to “oxidation” of the contacts. The RS200 eventually died within 3 years of use. This time around for the FT7, I sent the watch in for a delay of the HRM signal registering with the watch. This problem occurred right out the box when I bought the FT7 new from Amazon. This annoyance was too much to bear for the FT7, and I sent the watch back to Polar this week for this problem as well as a broken watch band within the warranty period. Today, I was informed by Polar customer service that I had the same problems that I had with the RS200: Your chest transmitter was “oxidize” and you need new batteries for the watch and transmitter. This was after a thorough process of cleaning the watch, transmitter, and chest strap for the last 11 months. FYI, I had replaced all the batteries two months ago with a local watch dealer who tested the batteries before putting into the transmitter and watch. The Polar representative told me that the current problems are not covered by the warranty and for Polar to service the watch would cost $38.85 + shipping and handling ($7.50). This amount is more than half of what I paid on Amazon. Overall, I agree with some of the other Amazon reviewers that this appears to be an additional revenue making tool for Polar. I will not be buying another Polar HRM watch.

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