Garmin Forerunner 310XT Running Watches Review

  • GarminForerunner310XTWaterproof to a depth of 50 meters, so you can wear it in the pool or the lake to time your swim
  • Tracks bike and run data and sends it wirelessly to your computer
  • Track your position, distance, pace, heart rate (with bundled monitor), add accessories to measure power data and more
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • One-year limited warranty

The Best Review

I felt compelled to write a critique, simply because I am disturbed with what some other reviewers are publishing. This is actually the greatest observe of it truly is type I’ve owned, and provided that a purchaser understands what it does, and it is limitations, I think they will be additional than content. It could be that this observe won’t meet their desires, but it should not be a trigger to supply a bad rating.
I have owned the Forerunner 305, the 201, the Timex GPS along with a Polar, so I’ve years of expertise. Due to the fact I do triathlons, I was most wanting forward on the waterproof controls, and twenty hour battery. The charger is a bit funky design and style, but for me it looks to do the job just fine. My battery has become lasting not less than 16 hours–I have not tested it further ahead of recharging. One issue that I had with the 305 also, though: the view must be TURNED OFF whilst you happen to be charging. If not, the moment you disconnect the charger, since the view is ON, it will commence “discharging” (since it does generally whilst it’s on. I have been caught quite a few instances with a depleted battery on my 305 on account of this quirk–I feel the watches should be programmed to automatically turn themselves off once the charger is connected).
I’ve applied the new observe swimming, biking and running and hiking, and I am pleased using the effectiveness for each sport. 1 reviewer pointed out that there need to be a “swim” mode–I agree, but I believe Garmin might have avoided that mode for the reason that the GPS isn’t going to operate nicely within the water. A number of reviewers complained about that, however Garmin does compose on their web-site AND within their manual that the GPS isn’t going to operate properly in the water (I will not understand that I’d blame that on Garmin–probably the technology is just not there yet–besides, GPS signals will not penetrate water.) In fact, I didn’t get an exact GPS distance reading through for open water swimming, however it did map my Course effectively, albeit having a great deal of zig-zags (I understand I can’t swim in a straight line, but I’m not THAT terrible).
The biking portion performs excellent. The Garmin matches very closely together with the distance measured on my bike laptop (I will not have the Garmin bike sensor–I want that plus the quick-release mount for my upcoming birthday). Obviously furthermore, it tracks pace, altitude, heart fee, etc. (I used the heart keep track of strap from my 305).
Operating works nicely also, fundamentally very same as biking whilst I do create the display screens differently.
Other, useful new functions I have noticed:
one. The watch locks onto satellites much more immediately than my 305
two. The observe vibrates, despite the fact that I wonder how this affects battery existence. For instance it vibrates each lap (if I set it) so I understand I have finished an autolap without needing to look with the watch.
3. The software is more refined (lots of small fixes. As an example the settings function lets me know what sport mode I’m in–although I believe this could nevertheless be created less difficult and significantly less complicated. As well as time zone is usually place on automatic–I constantly wondered why they couldn’t do this before–the view understands wherever it is actually for gosh sakes. And there are more custom screens if you want them–statistic hounds take note.)
4. Wireless data upload. Incredibly nice! Their new “Garmin Connect” website is also very helpful, along with the data is often uploaded directly on the Net.
five. The 310XT is just not a great deal smaller sized or lighter compared to the 305 (as outlined by the specs), nevertheless it FEELS Substantially smaller and lighter.
6. There is a progress bar to the battery charging. I’d like to have the ability to see simply how much time is LEFT in my battery–I want Garmin would include this.

In summary, I believe that is far and away the best GPS view Garmin has manufactured, and is specially suitable for triathletes (despite the swimming challenge). You DO really need to become accustomed to making use of the watch. While I never think it’s hard to use, you should go through the manual. At the very least you don’t really have to retain RE-reading the guide like I do for another devices. I do consider this observe is way overpriced, but I’m a gadget freak, and I am sure the value will come down over time, like it did to the 305 (that is an incredible deal, now, btw, should you don’t need a twenty hour battery-life and a waterproof stopwatch 🙂

The Bad Review

I am a lightweight/hobbyist triathlete who runs 30+ miles within a excellent week from the winter and backfills some of the distance with cycling and swimming from Might through October. I owned the 305 for two years prior to the 310XT and broke it when I attempted to replace the battery myself. I replaced it together with the 310XT. I put on the GPS watch on my head beneath the swim cap within the open water with superior GPS information success (see connected image), on the quick release mount to the bike having a speed/cadence sensor, and nevertheless with the HR monitor that came with the 305 simply because it will work and I choose to “wear it out”. All my actions are outdoors – I have no suggestions on indoor operation of the gadget.

It routinely will take 15-20 minutes until I can get the data transferred by means of the Ant Agent. Thinking about how lengthy these problems have already been acknowledged and documented, it is actually inconceivable that Garmin decides to rather invest into new model development than no less than patching up a number of the present difficulties. I experience so much frustration with this particular product that I can’t but give it 1 star.

The time it takes to get a GPS lock was diminished substantially compared on the 305 exactly where it sometimes took 10-15 minutes of strolling about my front yard under a clear blue sky. Nonetheless it would seem that this was accomplished with the cost of accuracy. I obtain a rapid lock, but it will location me 500 feet away from where I definitely am and it will take the device about a mile of running to the recorded track to asymptotically approach my actual track. The net impact is the very same – for finest success I flip the view on and place it outside about ten minutes ahead of I am ready to leave.

Some points have modified a little through the 305 – not sure if for your far better. It tries for being intelligent about diverse modes, e.g. not record cadence data any time you are in working mode. With the 305 this did not matter – I just altered the sport later on on Connect or Strava. Using the 310 it does matter, because if I ride with the run setting, there won’t be cadence data. I do not like it when little products endeavor to be wise like this.

When the Ant connection performs it truly is truly fairly wonderful. It takes about 15 seconds following I electrical power up the laptop or computer for my data to appear in Teaching Center and Garmin Connect, and inside of a minute or two it will eventually present up in Strava by means of Connect integration. The problem is, each so generally one thing goes wrong and it refuses to sync. The Garmin has altered the date and time of every one of the workout routines on the device for the existing time on two occasions, messing up almost everything downstream. I then have to reset and reinitialize and reinstall every thing and ordinarily shed my information.

When I ran out of battery after, the current exercise was not saved being a fragment – it had been gone for excellent. Also poor that it occurred in the end of the incredibly robust run and I was so on the lookout forward to seeing all my new CRs on Strava.

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