Garmin fenix 3 Sapphire Running Watches Review

  • Garminfenix3CHROMA DISPLAY – 1.2″ sunlight-visible high-resolution color Chroma optically-bonded display
  • SAPPHIRE LENS – High-strength scratch resistant domed sapphire lens (Sapphire version only)
  • EXO ANTENNA – Omni-directional steel EXO antenna, when paired with GLONASS and EPO, provides an even faster fix and accurate position than GPS alone
  • WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY- Utilize one or more Wi-Fi hot spots to automatically sync your data with Garmin Connect and update software (when in range)
  • BATTERY LIFE – Rechargeable battery; up to 20 hours in training/GPS mode, 50 hours in UltraTrac mode, and 6 weeks in watch mode (depends on settings)

The Best Review

1st, it truly is useful to understand what this watch is, and what it is not. The Fenix 3 is really a multi sport work out view, it not a 24 hour action tracker. Now, it does have the activity tracking feature, it’s going to count your ways and also the Garmin Connect App will system that details, but that feature would seem like it had been additional as an following thought. The Fenix three is for exercise. As such, you would be stupid to acquire the Fenix three without the need of the HR check chest strap. You might have to have it, it does not just track heart rate, but in run mode, will track run cadence, ground make contact with time, and vertical oscillation which is super informative.

Multi-Sport Monitoring: I am triathlete, so I use the watch to track operating, cycling and swimming, however it can track a great deal more than that. It comes pre-loaded together with the following routines, XC Skiing, Ski/Snow Board, Climb, Trail Run, Run, Indoor Run, Bike, Indoor Bike, Pool Swim, Open Water Swim, Triathlon, and Hike. The actions is how you inform the view which capabilities you can be employing (e.g. GPS, Glonass, step counting, and so on.). This is my initial observe that tracks swimming (somewhat instantly). I value the engineering issues with monitoring pool swims, the watch can auto detect the fundamental swim strokes, which is wonderful. On the other hand, you do should fiddle together with the observe as you go. You may have to press the lap button to tell the watch that you are resting, and should you do drills that don’t involve a normal swim stroke, you have got to tell the watch you might be performing a drill, then press a button when your finished, then verify the distance you drilled, then press lap yet again to have back to regular swim mode. As soon as you get employed it, not a big deal, along with the trade off is great information. Lastly, you can develop custom routines (like power instruction, or if you need a basically timer)

Like lots of substantial finish garmin watches, the show screens could be customized. It requires slightly little bit of thought and trial and error to acquire everything you want, but you’ll be able to entry all kinds of information around the run. You can have as much as 7 unique screens.

Additionally, it has capabilities for making exercises like interval workout routines, so you can put the observe in race mode.

Other Capabilities and Device Pairing. To the Fenix to auto-sync data, you’ll want to pair the Fenix having a device (i-OS or Android). Right now, I have it sync for the Garmin Connect app, it can almost certainly sync to other folks (by way of bluetooth), but I haven’t examined it. Something it won’t do is wirelessly sync to Training Peaks. Having said that, it is possible to plug it in straight using the USB charger and pull files and import them into no matter what software program you utilize to record your exercising (the Fenix saves activities as .Match files). When paired using a mobile gadget, the watch can supply you with notifications (incoming emails, calls, text’s, and so forth.). Like with activity monitoring, that attribute appears like an immediately after imagined, and frankly, I locate it irritating and have disabled the notifications characteristic. But, in case you care, the watch will give you notifications from the gadget. Nevertheless, the observe features a climate feature that is great. All in all, they packed loads of things into this watch, but at its core, this observe is for exercising.

Batter Daily life: Battery existence would seem inside of producer specs. My initially bike ride using the watch was 2+ hours and I employed about 12% in the battery. In GPS mode, ten hour battery daily life is realistic. Charging is lightening rapid. Up to now, I do not assume I’ve ran the battery down to less than 75% capability, so it charges in a matter of minutes.

Dimension: The view is massive. I’m 6’2″ having a medium develop, as well as observe face takes up my whole wrist (see the connected image. Should you are petite, this watch could overpower you with its size. Also, the watch is 5/8″ thick. Granted, it appears like a watch (instead of the Garmin 920XT), however it is significant. I am not really a “watch wearer” so I do not dress in the watch all day (but when I valued the action tracking feature, which I never, possibly I’d, but I think you will get far more bang to your buck from a Jawbone Up3, or Basis Peak if you’re searching for 24 hour monitoring).

Thoughts: This is often about as shut to the great training view while you can get. Hands down, this is actually the one watch to rule them all. Primarily if your leanings are toward trail running, back nation routines, or multi sports activities like triathlons, there may be nothing superior. Now, you can find other watches that are adequate, but none include things like each of the functionality, customization, and long term expandability (it is possible to customize screens, pair with other sensors, e.g. energy meters, cadence sensors). Furthermore, app developers can develop apps for that watch (though proper now, the pickings are slim). Garmin really nailed it with this particular observe as long as you recognize what this view does and will not do, what it is actually for, and what it can be not for. This observe is just not for the single sport, or recreational exerciser; the view might be overkill and there are more affordable, thoroughly sufficient, options. In the event you certainly are a pro, elite, age grouper, or aggressive athlete that participates in numerous sports (or on a regular basis cross trains) and also you desire to get your instruction to the upcoming degree and get superior information, the Fenix 3 is to suit your needs.

Up to now, I’ve had no problems with the watch. I am so glad I purchased it.

The Bad Review

I had this kind of large hopes for this view. At this stage, it is a failure – but I’m attempting /*hard*/ to hang in there with hope as I desire to believe Garmin Have to know about all of this and Have to be functioning on fixes since it is often a lovely on the lookout view using a lot of possible – but at this stage it truly is just a “watch”. After you assessment the stand alone Fenix 3 microsite, you’ll imagine this is actually the most wonderful GPS based uber observe ever. Fantastic visuals, amazing video (given that pulled), excellent claims: WORLD’S Initial Journey SPORT Education GARMIN GPS/GLONASS Observe, uncompromising functionality meets uncompromising design., state-of-the-art in satellite navigation, precise effectiveness information throughout running to trustworthy navigation aids for harmless orientation off the beaten track, explorers and alpinists f’nix three delivers the degree self-confidence they require to securely reach their destinations although navigating tough environments, classic ABC outside navigation device set refined with cutting edge GPS + GLONASS satellite navigation technologies to supply our highest sensor precision and functionality…. want I go on? You are able to go see your self.

The realities (that are effortlessly verifiable on Garmin’s very own user forums if you assume I lie as some accuracy threads are Above 150 pages extended):

-for most USA customers, the agreed actuality is that the mythical GLONASS sensor getting “on” makes already poor GPS success….. worse
-GPS is regularly quick in distance
-barometric altitude you can’t lock in usually means you must constantly maintain up with manually setting it to ensure your altitude is suitable. This means all varieties of guide study (internet, topos, trail head markers) in your places and their altitudes – In the event you try to remember to perform so. Forget to set or test your altitude? Sleep above while in the wilderness and don’t have your place stats? get a various trail? Oh, well, maybe your altitude numbers and climb and descent accumulations are right. But then yet again, perhaps not.
-GPS tracks are shockingly (1) up to now off as to not be on the track/trail/road/path you will be on – meters off and (2) overly smooths your track so you reduce through buildings, miss 90 degree turns, run by way of oceans, minimize straight across single track switchbacks. See connected images to present what you can assume.
-Hike, trail run, mountain bike, stroll underneath heavy tree coverage – one of the items it is touted for – fail to remember it. Accuracy and monitoring are terrible & take a noticeable further hit.
-activity tracker has decided that cycling (RPMs) should count as steps. Positive, so will not go for a walk much during the day? No worries, go ride and it looks like you took 20,000 “steps”. And, no way to auto turn off activity tracking in the event you start an activity like cycling or running. Walking is walking. Cycling is NOT walking. Cycling gathers my information. Activity tracking gathers my steps. Why meld the two?

I can go on and on (only one alarm, no timezones, limited hot key functions, wifi has never worked for me, don’t assume 6 weeks of battery life, are not able to arrange the menu, limited activity alarm and lap programming). And you may investigate my claims yourself. So what does this all add up to for a $500 state of the art most advanced ABC GPS primarily based observe? Information you simply are not able to rely on, count on, consider accurate, trust, or use to properly train and assume what was reported was actually true. Having truly poor GPS knocks everything off: pace, speed, averages, altitudes, miles, distance, elevation gains/losses, map tracks, etc. You even have people striving so tough to get this to work and be what we want, that there are probably the most nonsense efforts being made to try to demonstrate the F3 works better on your right hand than left (I know I know, do not get me started on that – but is shows what Garmin is up against).

There has been 1 significant update released. Effectively, 1 released and then pulled and then a new release of note bringing us to three.two. And – nothing improved in the most core areas of competency it is touting itself to be specifically designed for. I really hope the antenna in the bezel they brag about as a huge design advancement is not the actual downfall of this view – recall Apple’s Antennagate anyone? I hope it just comes down to software refining. Either way, it certainly feels like, at this stage, we are all currently being beta testers for a $500 view that was not ready for primetime release by one of the biggest names inside the industry.

I intend to give it a few more months and if they can not get a handle on it, I’m returning it to a very very well known outdoor shop where I bought it.

p.s. – there are some real upsides to this view I admit: battery life does seem decent & it charges quick, lots of ways to program – via computer and sync – various workouts for items like Crossfit, it looks great, huge display, sync to the net so that you can investigate data, phone notifications (should you want nonsense like that), wifi sync (has not worked for me), and just the probable of what information it can collect and the value of this information IF it were ever to be precise, widgets and apps you could download and install.

EDIT: I give up. This really is a truly unreliable, unpredictable, not accurate view even now with version 4.0 – so three updates because i have owned it. Enough is enough. It ends today for me after this observe killed off 8 days of workout information when striving to sync. It might sync. It might not. Wifi might work. It might not. But today, after 20 minutes of striving to get it to sync, it killed all of my workouts off the observe – those are forever lost. Killed off my Activities and some settings as very well. I’m done. Boxed it back up and taking back to REI. Truly an awful experience.

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