Garmin Forerunner 220 Running Watches Review

  • GarminForerunner220Advanced GPS running watch with a high-resolution color display and comfortable, lightweight design
  • Built-in accelerometer tracks distance and pace when indoors
  • Connected features 2 include automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking and social media sharing so you can promote your achievements to your friends
  • Lets you know when you achieve a personal record
  • Pauses and resumes timer based on speed

The Best Review

I’ve had this watch for about 10 days now and I’ve only gone on four runs, each and every about two miles lengthy.I’m loving it so far. My major complaint would likely be all the hubbub that went on with several stores claiming these had been in stock and not essentially getting in stock. But I am confident lots of of these inventory troubles have all been settled.

* Quite low profile and functions as an daily watch. Adore that I can just always be wearing this and can just press the RUN button a few instances and go.
* The band is removable. One of the principal factors I went for this particular watch was that the wrist strap is changeable. I had noticed too a lot of persons post images of their old watches using a tear and possessing to utilize duct tape to keep it together. Some individuals have complained that it feels cheapy but I assume it’s fine and would last a whilst. I think Garmin sells the replacement bands for about $20 or so.
* GPS preloading is excellent, prepared to run within seconds of going outdoors.
* Indoor treadmill tracking has been quite precise. Just turn off the gps and the watch will make use of the integrated accelorometer to calculate your distance. When you are running with gps, the watch will make use of the gps information in combination along with your arm movements to create calculations when there isn’t any gps.
* A lot customization! It was just a little overwhelming when I 1st got the watch but it’s pretty intuitive and does not take long to get used to.
* Little bit of color within the screen is nice. It is possible to only choose one particular theme colour at a time but it nonetheless looks nice and is customizable.
* Not confident if the cadence is measured by the watch or the HRM monitor, but that’s interesting data to have too. Apparently superior runners get around 180 spm.
* I haven’t employed it however, but on the list of features I liked when I was picking out which watch to purchase was the ability to set RUN/WALK intervals.

* The Android Garmin Connect app will not yet operate with their newest watches quite however. Garmin says they’re going to release this quickly although.
* I did have one particular occasion where it took a few tries for the Garmin web-site to accept a information transfer for one of my runs.

Reading other critiques about previous versions of Garmin watches, this appeared to be the initial time that Garmin offered numerous of the advanced features on their second tier of watches. From my understanding the primary difference involving this and the 620 could be the Virtual Trainer function, 4 data fields per screen (vs three around the 220), the VO2 max measurement, along with the recovery advisor. So in the event you don’t care for all those 4 attributes, I’d save the $150 and go with all the 220 more than the 620.

05/05/14 UPDATE:

Watch continues to be going sturdy and battery life is still terrific. Just employed in my initially half marathon and it helped me greatly with my pacing. Really like it. Some notes:
-As others have noted the cadence is measured by the watch and not the HRM strap.
-The Garmin Android app now performs with the 220 over bluetooth, however it is really a little slow.
-The information transfer troubles I was possessing turned out to become far more of a problem with all the laptop I was utilizing, as I don’t have the same problem when employing any of my other computer systems.

The Bad Review

I gave up on Garmin and bought a Polar M400 when it came out. It brought on some occasional hiccups (maybe as soon as every single 15 minutes) using the bluetooth headphones, but practically nothing nearly as undesirable as the Forerunner. The M400 watch itself is fantastic; I adore the characteristics (all day step and sleep tracking, various sports, etc). Syncing with Android has only lately been added, and it really is rough about the edges, but it’s working nicely enough for me. After deciding that this watch was working for me, I decided to just get an MP3 player with bluetooth. I got a cheap $25 player, and it operates wonderful. Now I do not even need to have my phone with me on runs. I never know when the Forerunner problem was Android’s bluetooth implementation, or Garmin’s, even though I suspect both had been at fault to some extent. I’ve now eliminated the will need for either, so I have no far more issues. I could just use the Garmin without the need of the phone too, but I bought it particularly for the reside tracking function, and that merely didn’t operate for me with Android. As a matter of principle, I’ve offered up on Garmin. For those who cannot get your phone to perform together with the latest-generation phones, created by Google themselves (Moto X 2013 & Moto X 2014), what are the chance you can get it to perform with any other telephone?

Edit (8/26/14): I wrote a long review on of the 220, and gave them each benefit of the doubt but strongly questioned its reliability. That post was deleted. Clearly Garmin knows they have an situation with this watch, but rather than fix it, they just want to make sure you don’t know about it until just after you’ve spent your money. Caveat Emptor. If you obtain this watch, prepare yourself for frustration.

Edit (8/23/14): I’m still using the watch, but have turned off bluetooth while running so I can use my headphones (which are bluetooth; and you are supposed to be able to connect numerous bluetooth devices without the need of challenge). Sometimes, it locks on satellite in 15 seconds, sometimes it takes 5 minutes. Oftentimes I have to reboot the watch before running. When I’m done with a run, I’ll turn bluetooth back on so it will sync my runs to garmin connect’s site. That was functioning ok for a couple of weeks. I shouldn’t be surprised, but it turns out that wasn’t reliable either. Finished a run last night, and now it won’t sync. The watch connects to the phone, it says “syncing” on the telephone, and then….nothing. The run is sitting on my watch with no way of uploading it go the garmin connect site.

I *really* wish this watch worked the way it’s advertised. It would be perfect. But it’s not even beta quality. It is frustrating, and Garmin support is utterly non-existant. Garmin used to be a reputable company. They must have been really damaged by the incessant intrusion of smartphones into their territory. If this watch is any indication of what’s in store for future Garmin products, I really never think they are going to be about a lot longer.

Original review: Complete and utter crap. I purchased this for the reside tracking, and not only does it not operate (with a Samsung S3, S4, and Moto X), it actually makes my bluetooth headphones unusable (each LG and Blueant Pumps). I have had this watch long enough now that it should have been updated by Garmin to perform, but it has not. Absolutely nothing is far more frustrating than spending 15 – 20 minutes trying to get equipment to operate for a 30 minute run. Exercise is supposed to help you relax, not feel extra aggravated. I feel like killing someone before I start my run when I use this watch.

I really would must be wowed in the future to ever acquire another Garmin product. I’ve wasted my money with them for the last time.

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