TomTom Runner GPS Running Watches Review

  • TomTomRunnerGPSExtra-Large Display so you can see your key running stats at-a-glance.
  • Graphical Training Partner helps you train more effectively with full-screen graphics and three unique training modes.
  • One-Button Control allows you to easily navigate through menus.
  • Indoor Tracker: Track your run indoors and on a treadmilll, no extra foot pod required.
  • QuickGPSFix Technology helps you get out on your run faster.

The Best Review

General excellent watch. I acquired the multi-sport but to date have only run together with the observe. I manage a running retailer and also have run with and talked to persons that have all the major GPS watches. Up to now I’ve run with the Garmin 210, Timex two.0, and Nike GPS. I’ve only run a couple time with this particular view and will update the assessment as I run far more. From the box the perform and fit feels like it is in the upcoming generation Nike GPS watch, which in the way it is actually.


Connection time- The quick linking is actually a pretty significant function. Immediately after receiving utilised to the Nike view which connects swiftly switching to a observe that doesn’t(Timex and Garmin) is agonizing. Like the Nike watch, which tomtom made the GPS for, the website link time is far better then the Garmin and Timex watches. Performing weekly group runs, runners with Garmin watches stand there for minutes and occasionally really have to start the run ahead of connecting. Nike watch owners and me connect pretty much instantly.

Slim fit-I had been operating in the Nike GPS observe but soon after my FOURTH Nike view broke all through regular dress in I began seeking for new watches. This fits and feels substantially slimmer then the Nike observe and Timex observe.

Interface-Like the Nike observe, setting the watch is accomplished with menus about the watch, not by hitting buttons like Timex or Garmin. Menus are uncomplicated to navigate and modify settings.

Design-The slim profile is magnificent, plus the display seems to be good. When working men and women have complained regarding the joystick. I like it and agree it can be easy to use although running.

Vibrate alert-When working with all the Timex view i realized the vibrate when it beeps is extremely useful. I constantly miss laps applying the Nike observe. This is a compact attribute which I personally assume is pretty beneficial.

More functionality- Won’t comment too a lot since I’ve not employed these functions however. However the graphical coaching functions look wonderful.

Upload-You can pick to upload to a number of internet sites at the same time as the tomtom web page. You can also access the files over the computer system. This can be a great mix involving the Nike and Timex view. With the Nike watch it was effortless to upload on the Nike web page but you had no manage above the Data. Timex you could potentially get the files but was not user-friendly when uploading to their web-site.

Battery Life-10 hours is really a fraction a lot more then the competition. Unless you happen to be carrying out an ironman, this will likely be adequate. Should you need a longer battery the Garmin 910 will last longer but you might compromise rate and a slim-fit.


The on the web web site is in Beta so you will find some difficulties. You could pick to upload to other internet sites as well. The costumer service is carrying out a good career responding to peoples complaints and therefore are passing user suggestions forward. When the Nike plus internet site initially started out I misplaced run information regularly, the web site crashed and it had been horrible. Now it’s extremely smooth even though limited in what information you could get. The Timex web site would be the worst. Garmin possibly has the very best on line interface proper now, but if you are worried about which you could upload your data to another site while Tomtom is in Beta.

Are not able to get the multi-sport inside the pink band!!! But possibly while in the long term

Secondary stats even though operating are kinda tiny.

Feels like the update on the Nike GPS observe; which within a way it is actually due to the fact tomtom developed the receiver and who understands what else for Nike. The options I most needed from your observe had been slim fit, speedy satellite link, and simple watch interface. This to date is the best in all 3 classes.

The Bad Review

This watch failed to perform correctly on three of 3 runs. I assume that I acquired a defective model, and also have ordered a substitute.

Run one – Measured 5K course. View took in excess of four minutes to acquire a GPS fix, miscalculated distance by 3% (considerable in distance operating), and showed 50% charge when complete, although it had sat in the cradle for 12 hrs just before the run (a harbinger of issues to come)

Run two – Watch calculated distance accurately, but date and time inexplicably reset to 8PM on Dec 31st following the run, and had to be reset manually (run statistics saved properly, nevertheless)

Run 3 – View died soon after ~50 minutes of running inside of 24 hrs of getting a full charge (it sat in watch mode for under every day, and then couldn’t control even an hour of working)

On top of that, the watch had a firmware challenge that will lead to it to freeze when I tried to set pace calculations, plus the unit fell from the band twice even though taking the watch off.

As I mentioned, I am pretty certain, based upon the magnificent nature from the fails, that I acquired a defective unit, and have ordered a substitute. I gave the watch two stars alternatively of a single because of the following:

– Once the performance worked, it was excellent. Basic to make use of, along with the show was significant and clear
– Weight/Size. The watch is thin and comparable in excess weight to the Garmin FR220. Somewhat relaxed, although I would not propose it for smaller sized wrists.
– Type element. It appears pretty nice in your wrist, being a regular every day watch, and might be worn as such, for those who identified it comfy to complete so.
– Selling price stage. For 150, it’s packed with attributes and can’t be beat at this price tag array.

As I mentioned, I’ll give the substitute a test, and can update this critique accordingly, but with the 1st indicator of trouble am merely getting a refund and switching back to Garmin, at a slightly increased expense but identified dependability.


I obtained the replacement view, and am NOT impressed.

Related problems, some new ones:

1) Two runs together with the replacement observe to date, on each, even with Rapid GPS loaded, it took four.5 and two minutes to discover a GPS repair. Basically I needed to wait about following walking out my door to run.

2) Whoever designed the tempo algorithm for this view should be fired, then rehired so he may be fired a second time. six mile run, hit mile marker one at specifically 9:00, and at no time did the view present my speed above eight:31. It begun mile one at eight:08 and had slowed to eight:31 when I crossed mile 1 at 9 minutes. Mile two it got ideal, and after that it proceeded to UNDERestimate my tempo for miles 3-5. Eventually got it appropriate at mile six. I recognize a smoothed algo, but any view needs to be able to create a trusted speed within 1/4 mile or much less. As evidenced through the truth that the entirely of my to start with mile speed was way a lot quicker than I ran, that may be a view error. (Yes, I had the view set to speed, not common tempo, although that wouldn’t have manufactured a distinction for the bad effectiveness on Mile 1).

3) Perhaps most significantly, I paused the watch halfway via my 6 mile run for 5 minutes (It had been 6PM on a summer time day), resumed the run without obvious issues. On obtaining dwelling, even so, and downloading the data, I noted the view recorded my whole paused time period (and I verified it had been paused various times, I’m rather paranoid about that) as Part From the RUN. I now have five minutes through which I covered a whopping 0.06 miles (walking a little circle to remain loose, gradually). And still, all through that full time, the statistics about the TomTom runner web page present me as operating at my regular pace the whole time.

I’ve three much more runs to go through the weekend, but I am not optimistic. Just did a factory reset, so we are going to see. Suitable now I am leaning strongly in the direction of returning the view, as I have not gotten 1 trusted difficulty free run nonetheless, in two weeks, and two watches.

UPDATE 2: Permit me to clarify what occurred using the substitute watch and recording the paused sections, because it happened once again today:

The paused sections never present up inside the major line calculations of distance traveled and pace/speed, but they DO show up inside the graphical representations of one’s run. Such as, now, I ran a sprint workout. In advance of my last sprint, I paused the watch for 5 minutes (to each give myself a break, and see if this would transpire). When resuming the run, the watch picked suitable up in the similar time and distance I had paused it at (because it did just before), and anything appeared standard… Until I looked on the graphics with the run. To the paused area to the graphs there is a time period wherever distance is traveled, on this case 0.04 miles in 5 minutes, but the watch stored me at a ten minutes tempo (the return tempo I was jogging at following my past sprint). So, a 30 minute (exactly, within the view) sprint workout (also displaying as exactly 30 minutes within the leading line exercise summary), shows being a just more than 35 minute workout about the charts.

I also mentioned, that, whilst the distance/pace best line are not affected, even the graph of your route has this paused distance additional on, as exactly where the route traveled showed I crossed the three mile point was NOT exactly the same point that I actually crossed 3 miles. Put simply, All the graphs added over the distance and time I traveled/rested although in paused mode, whilst the leading line exercise summary (pace/distance) did not. The only way for this to take place is in case the view is recording this for the duration of the exercise, and TomTom is not saavy sufficient to figure out that you’re not thinking about seeing these elements of the run graphically. This results in the puzzling mismatch amongst the workout summary and Each and every graphical representation of the run, making the graphs/charts useless for analysis.

Also, took a further three minutes to locate satellites. Very same spot final two runs begun from, Fast GPS nonetheless downloaded (re-downloaded it last evening to be confident).

I do not see how I will not return this observe, and am downgrading it to one star. The observe, whilst with superb form, and clear show, is simply absolutely unreliable.

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