Epson PULSENSE PS-100 Activity Tracker Bands Reviews

  • epsonpulsenseps100Heart rate monitoring at the wrist
  • Records heart rate, steps, calories and sleep
  • Ideal for effective heart rate zone training
  • Compact and comfortable to wear day and night
  • Mobile app for iOS devices and website to view recorded data

The Best Review

I’ve experienced this a few weeks and up to now I like the way it works. This heart amount checking technique is created of of essentially 3 pieces, the monitoring band, the charger/data cable as well as application that compiles all of your details. My ideas on each of these three parts are as follows.

The Pulsense heart charge and exercise tracking band
The check feels like a cross involving a sports look at plus a silicone bracelets. The band is designed using a incredibly soft, light-weight, but thick rubber. It wears quite comfortably for me. You are taking the band on and off utilizing a clasp similar to which you find on watches. It does not wholly open up up similar to a buckle closure, but in its place unfolds and expands.

I’ve this observe while in the small/medium sizing as well as pre-adjusted measurement this band came at was great for my 6 inch wrist. If I decide I want a snugger suit I’d regulate it in just a little bit. It might also be adjusted to get a larger sized healthy. There’s a great sum of area within the band for dimensions adjustment.

On the under facet in the exercise monitoring band, you will find there’s green LED light that is definitely made use of to trace your pulse. To the top section of the band you’ll find blue and orange LED lights that signify when the battery is completely billed and when the band is synced which has a unit like your apple iphone or iPad.

The blue LED lights also light-weight up in several designs depending on your coronary heart price, that’s a very cool characteristic. It lights as many as let you know when you are underneath excess fat burning concentrations, obtaining in close proximity to fats burning ranges, at body fat burning stage, from the aerobic zone, from the anaerobic zone and above the anaerobic zone. So while you will not have actual quantities with a display screen giving you your coronary heart price, the LED lights around the band will enable you recognize what coronary heart price zone you happen to be in at that minute.

I just like the design along with the way the unit matches. If it absolutely was small smaller sized that may be pleasant, but it can be not so massive that i find it awkward. I would not don it to a formal celebration, but for each and every working day wear it really is great. I such as insufficient a sizable face plate on this PS-100 model for the reason that it truly is sleeker and won’t seem rather like I’m donning a big men’s sporting activities view.

UBS Cable
The next section to this method can be an involved USB charging cable. It fees the internal battery from the checking band. Hooked up to your conclude with the USB cable is often a very little charging dock the band clips into. There is certainly a really specific way the band has to clip into this for it to cost. Two little prongs need to align so they come in call with two metal connections over the band. The moment you might be common with how it attaches, it really is simple to connect and unconnect for the monitor.

The Pulsense’s charging procedure might have been greater I believe, experienced they rather employed a more common charging port rather than prong connections. Without the need of this pretty precise variety of cable that comes with a docking piece connected, you cannot recharge your Pulsense. So if you reduce or harm your just one and only charging cable, you will have to get a different one particular from your organization.

This charging cable does not also perform like a info cable. Had Epson created the involved charging cable in a very much more universal style, most likely they could have also designed it so it could perform for a data cable and transfer saved data from the monitor to your application. I’m not sure why they didn’t do this, simply because you are able to actually obtain your Pulsense application facts on-line, ideal in the computer system on the safe website with all your log in facts.

Owning the Pulsense charging cable even be ready to transfer details would let people who didn’t wish to use cellular products, as an alternative have the ability to upload their details online immediately. It would appear if Epson was gonna head over to all of the hard work to produce everyone’s account data and saved activity info obtainable online nevertheless a protected site (and not just programs), it could also make sense for being in a position to upload your Pulsense knowledge exactly the same way, on line.

The 3rd piece of this whole process would be the application that collects and compiles all of your activity info. I have an iphone, so I downloaded the Pulsense application via the Apple application retailer. Soon after doing so, it walked me by establishing an account and syncing the Pulsense keep track of with the application. By building an account with a special username, I had been then also in a position to also log into my account on-line by means of my Pc for the Epson Go-wellness Pulsense web page and accessibility all my knowledge there at the same time. The online web site details seems to be just the same as the mobile software. So you’re able to accessibility and navigate your information by way of them both of those just the identical.

The appliance gathers many details about your exercise, as well as lets you enter how guy calories you take in at each and every food. This system allows you to established objectives too. Even so if you are just one who likes having all of the meals caloric information available suitable in the app like with MyFitnessPal, you aren’t getting that with this particular software. Not less than not yet.The Pulsense and the corresponding software remain quite new products, so I’d anticipate with time, this software will improve and develop on what it could do. As of right this moment you could just enter your full energy. You are going to nonetheless need to determine the number of calories you’re taking in by yourself.

The appliance can work using your Fb and Twitter accounts. So if you should put up screen shots of the stats and updates to social networking internet sites it is possible to just with just 2 clicks.

The applying is definitely just as essential given that the observe alone. It demonstrates your progress and tracks anything from how active you will be to exactly how much you slumber. I have identified most apps increase after some time, so I am hoping the Pulsense application will come up with more excellent capabilities in the future.

As of right this moment, I would give this about 4.5 stars. I can’t examine this to Fitbit considering that I do not have one particular, but up to now I’ve been pleased with all the Pulsense. I much like the measurement, the design and the way it wears. It retains track of all of my exercise and i can established ambitions for pounds and these types of. What retains it remaining five stars would be the charging cable as well as observations I mentioned over it (proprietary charging and not enough having the ability to do details transfer to on line Pulsense internet site). It is a smooth unit, pairs instantly every time with my apple iphone and tracks all my activity. It is also really comfy. Pretty wonderful!

The Bad Review

It really is sleek seeking, as well as blue dot on its encounter reminds me of “Kit” from Knight Rider, except a various colour.

And after that the complications start off. Initially, the latch isn’t quite secure. It comes off at times. Also, be sure to seem on the sizing chart, simply because the unique a single I’ve is at it can be most expanded and is even now reasonably snug. If I swell up in any way, I’ll both reduce circulation or this will likely pop off.

But let’s discuss this gadget itself, and just how it functions. Don’t be concerned, this will go swift. The prerequisites for Android is edition four.3. I have model four.4. The application set up fine, this gadget is listed during the Bluetooth menu in Android, nevertheless it never connected. Ever. Went through the on the net help/troubleshooting and even shook it a few instances, and it wouldn’t connect. Not certain what is defective, but I know a couple points for confident:

one. For some explanation, I had to register an account with Epson. If I am monitoring my heart rate, techniques, calories, and so on., there is no motive Epson servers ever need to be concerned. Ever. Optional, if I want them to fiddle with my data, but I will not want to generate an account with them like a requirement for monitoring my own entire body.
two. The Android computer software is S L O W. When opening it, be ready to stare at a reliable white display for a while.

Those are the two things which might be undoubtedly broken, but neither of them in fact touch on why it isn’t going to actually do the job even as Epson made.

I like Epson and needed to like this matter, but no single element of it worked. Possibly it was rushed to market, or possibly I acquired a defective a single (which doesn’t correct the two challenges I enumerate above), but this gadget only doesn’t operate.

Not encouraged…perhaps wait a whilst until they will perform out bugs and release some up to date firmware. (Hopefully Epson isn’t jumping on the bandwagon of releasing subpar items using the guarantee that the next version/firmware/whatever will resolve everything.)

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