Fitbit Surge Fitness Activity Tracker Bands Reviews

fitbitsurgefitness-GPS Tracking- See distance, pace and elevation climbed & review routes and split times
-Get continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate and simplified heart rate zones
-Track workouts & view workout summaries; plus all day activities including steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes
-Monitor your sleep automatically and wake with a silent alarm
-See call and text notifications on the touchscreen display
-Sync stats wirelessly and automatically to your computer and over 150 leading smartphones

The Best Review

I have been reading all of the testimonials, each positive and damaging, and wanted to add my thoughts. I have had the item for almost two weeks now and completely love it. I’ve owned numerous FitBit products and happen to be pleased with every thing I’ve purchased.

Battery Life – I ordinarily charge the Surge each and every evening for about 30 minutes although I’m sitting around the laptop or watching Television. I have not had any difficulties together with the battery running low. I charge my cell phone each and every day also so this is not a big deal.

Step tracking – constant with all the other FitBit trackers I’ve made use of. I am really conscious of my steps and normally understand how lots of measures a specific walking route will probably be. the Surge is proper on the mark. I would not anticipate anything less as this really is FitBit’s sweet spot.

Sleep tracking – this can be a really fantastic feature. I’ve utilised the sleep tracking feature of your FitBit One for more than a year. I had to remember to place it into sleep/activity mode every evening and to cease it when I awoke. With all the Surge, I just go to bed and don’t must do something. The Surge will also track that 60 minute snooze that I take on the couch…. Not positive if that is definitely a great point!! It truly is pretty correct for hours slept and occasions restless or awake. The only issue I noticed is the fact that it really is not as fantastic as the A single in “minutes to fall asleep”. the Surge usually tracks as zero when I know it took me longer to fall asleep. Not a major deal as I am additional considering how long I was asleep and how several instances I was restless.

Size – I was bit concerned in regards to the size from the watch. The concern was unfounded. I’m a large guy as well as the watch is fine for me. I consider for any smaller sized individual the Surge could be also huge for each day wearing. I bought the Large and I still possess a few notches left for expansion. I was thinking about the XL but am glad I did not acquire. Wearing the Surge under long sleeve dress shirts is really a bit tight however the watch is not bigger than a lot of in the watches on the market these days and basically substantially smaller sized than many of the watches my co-workers are wearing. All round not an issue.

Heart Rate Tracking – I’ve identified this to become really precise for me. Through standard daily activities it tracks good and it can be nice to view a holistic picture of heart price throughout the day. I’ve taken the suggestions of others in the course of workout and move the Surge up my arm about 1-2 inches and ensure it’s snug. I have tracked about eight runs so far and the heart rate has been constant with chest strap monitors that I’ve worn, inside five BPM. I would say this is greater than acceptable for any casual athlete.

Alarms – FItBit created a computer software update towards the alarm function and now it is actually pretty usable. The single vibration was not successful but not you get really a number of hard vibrations and it truly is greater than enough to wake me up. I really like the truth that it is possible to set various schedules by way of the Web site or mobile device that makes it possible for you to have diverse alarm instances each and every day if desired. I normally have two different times I wake up during the week and being able to set this all at as soon as and not change or be concerned about an alarm clock is nice.

Overall I’d say this is a excellent watch and am pretty glad I bought. General, the device performs as advertised and I would recommend this to any person in search of a fantastic fitness tracker

The Bad Review

I truly wanted to enjoy this. Are waiting for it to get a whilst and felt lucky to have 1 from Brookstone who for whatever cause had em for sale in December when everyone else was waiting for stock.

It has some redeeming features, not least of and that is the text notifications, sad to say it only will work 50% of your time even my cellphone is in my pocket.

Battery life is great.
Silent alarm is sturdy and operates terrific.

Here is the problem. The data is totally unreliable. I have been experimenting with fitness trackers and heart price monitors. Right now I wore a heartbeat monitor, the surge, along with the basis peak throughout my fat regimen. (OCD, yes)

Heart price within the Fitbit Surge never ever exceeded 94 BPM. The HR monitor was regular involving 129-134 most of the time. The Basis struggles somewhat to lock on and requires an regular of various seconds but was pretty near when it did show heart charge.

The Surge jumped in between 74 – 94 and was sadly, just never ever correct.

On to methods. I do not feel that both the basis or surge are super correct but I will state that though the Basis seemed a bit very low to me at first. The Surge logged 500 measures during my 2 mile motorcycle ride property. It also counted 18 floors stepped out when I never ever walked a single floor right now. Possibly it calculates height on my elevator ride to and in the ground floor to my workplace.

On to sleep. The rest tracker to the surge is definitely the very same fundamental tracker based mostly on movement/time that you simply get with all the Flex. Basis is actually a clear winner right here.

So net net, I am disappointed. Can’t trust the HR monitor, techniques are significantly inflated by driving, accomplishing dishes, even sitting on couch clicking the remote appears to count 40-50 actions. Give me stair credit score when I did not earn it. I just can’t give it an excellent review. It offers me a false sense of achievement when I don’t deserve it and when I do do a do the job out, the HR monitor under no circumstances crosses the energetic HR threshold.

Perhaps a software program update will fix it? I’ll give it ’til the return window expires. Maybe a firmware update will help.

And What about your review?
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