Fitbit Flex Wireless(Sleep) Activity Tracker Bands Reviews

fitbitflexwirelesssleep-Tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes
-Monitor how long and well you sleep
-Wakes you (and not your partner) with a silent wake alarm
-LED lights show how your day is stacking up against your goal
-Slim, comfortable and easy to wear (sold with both large and small wristbands included with an interchangeable clasp)
-Sync stats wirelessly and automatically to your computer and over 150 leading smartphones

The Best Review

First issues very first: If you fasten/unfasten the clasp a couple of times (it took me 3 times), the holes within the band will loosen up and also the Flex is very simple to take off/put on from that point forward. The very 1st evaluation from the Flex right here produced that point fairly clearly.

Second, there’s a cause there’s no manual: usually, people today never study them. That’s why you may need to visit the web-site to initialize your Flex, and, hopefully, read the other guidelines. For example: If your outcomes are genuinely inaccurate, you could have to have to modify the default from Non-Dominant wrist (sensitive calibration) to Dominant wrist (significantly less sensitive). [My practical experience: I’m employing it on my non-dominant wrist, and I commit much on the day on the laptop. I’m right-handed, and that’s the hand I use for mouse/touchpad. My Flex is on my left (non-dominant) hand, and my benefits are well inside my expectations for other movement.]

Third, MEASURE YOUR STRIDE. In case you stroll, as I do, attempt this: Put a pencil or other straight object on the ground, just behind your heels. Walk 10 steps, bringing your heels with each other on the final step. Place yet another object behind your heels. Measure the distance in inches in between the two straightedges and divide by ten. Bingo: You simply got a pretty precise stride. For anyone who is a runner, run a identified, accurately measured distance, **counting your steps.** Divide the distance by steps and convert to inches.

No, the Flex does not have an altimeter, so it cannot measure “flights of stairs.” (Neither can the A single, truly: it measures 10′ alterations in elevation.) But absolutely nothing within the Flex’s literature need to have provided you any impression that it has an altimeter. So not obtaining something it never purported to possess, just isn’t an issue using the device.

Should you do even the most simple research, you are going to know the Flex only syncs by way of Bluetooth to an incredibly, pretty handful of Samsung devices (two or 3, I believe) and iPhones/iPads. On the other hand, it doesn’t suck your Android’s battery should you can’t sync via Bluetooth. It takes _maybe_ two seconds to sync to my computer system by means of the USB device, and by the time I look at my phone or tablet, the updated information is in each the Fitbit app *and* MyFitnessPal. (For those who definitely desire to sync for your phone or tablet, you can find cables readily available to accept the Flex’s USB dongle, and plug into a micro-USB port.)

Prior to finding my Flex, I was utilizing the Android app CardioTrainer. I’m nonetheless working with CardioTrainer, because (a) it’s on my phone and (b) I get to listen to music whilst I walk. The step counts amongst the Flex and CardioTrainer are within 1 percent of one another (making use of the identical stride length, and getting the telephone within a back pocket).

No, certainly the Flex isn’t a heart-rate monitor. So no, naturally it’s not going to *precisely* tell you how quite a few calories you have burned. However the algorithm ought to be helpful for the vast majority of men and women. If will need or want pinpoint accuracy, then yes, you’ll need a heart-rate monitor.

Bottom line: For what it is intended to complete, the Flex is as close to great as I could ask for. Everything I expected it to do, it does, and really, very well.

The Bad Review

Do not acquire this product. FItbit includes a great dashboard and is amazing when it performs, but they have horrible buyer service and will not stand behind the warranty. I purchased mine by way of Amazon on 9/26/2013 and it stopped functioning on 11/18/2013. The tracker became unresponsive and stopped syncing and simultaneously the battery began dying within an hour of a complete charge. I did not break it, it was not broken in any way — it just stopped operating.

I contacted Fitbit via the only mode of communication they’ve – e-mail (case #1023393). I got back an automated message that stated they would make contact with me inside 48 hrs. Later that day I started finding a series of emails requesting troubleshooting, which typically is not a undesirable factor. Even so these emails kept asking me to complete the same factor repeatedly and seemingly ignored my responses. I never know if it is actually an automated bot of some kind or what. The ‘troubleshooting’, in my opinion, is made to irritate users into walking away in the process. They ask questions like “is the laptop or computer on”, “make sure the pc will not be a sleep”, “is the battery charged”, and so forth.

After answering all of those ridiculous queries they take into consideration ‘troubleshooting’ and explaining that the device is broken; I requested a warranty replacement (I even integrated my invoice from Amazon inside the request). The emails stopped! They’ll not respond, It really is been four days and they may not even acknowledge the request for replacement.

Do yourself a favor and get a product from a business which will honor the warranty. I was totally enamored by my Flex, I enjoy the dashboard and it actually motivated me to have moving. I on the other hand can’t afford to replace a $100 tracker just about every 50 days and cannot advocate a item that dies right after just 50 days. Save oneself the headache and maintain browsing.

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