Lumo Lift Activity Tracker Bands Reviews

lumulift– Posture Coaching through gentle vibrations
– Activity Tracking (steps, distance, calories)
– In-App Progress Tracking
– Custom Goals
– Style + Accessories
– Sweat Resistant
– Rechargeable Battery
– Light weight (0.03lbs)


The Best Review

I’ve had my Lumo Lift for about per week now and am truly enjoying it. Some essential points I want to mention:

1. I’d recommend that everyone who buys one of these and is frustrated initially with it….stick with it! The first couple of days I had difficulty remembering what the distinctive modes have been and the best way to set them; I couldn’t remember what the distinctive buzzes meant; I had some trouble figuring out how you can align the device….and I was just typically confused by every little thing. The directions that come with it are very minimal. On the other hand, I’m an quite curious and tenacious individual, so I spent some time researching the device, playing with it, Googling some inquiries I had, reading the web-site, and so forth. Now I can definitely say I understand how to completely set, access and interpret this device.

two. This has truly helped me develop into far more mindful of my healthy posture, and I really assume it has enhanced in just per week. The first quite a few days my back was truly a bit sore from adopting a “non-slouching” position in place of what I had turn out to be employed to over the previous numerous years of sitting at my desk job, playing with my iPad, etc. I knew my posture was beginning to seriously suck and that’s why I purchased the Lumo Lift; I was hoping it could genuinely assistance me, and it has.

three. I don’t definitely care one whit concerning the step tracking or calorie burn functions that are included with this, so I haven’t tried to find out regardless of whether they’re correct. I intend to only use Lumo Lift it for posture, as I have a FitBit for the other stuff.

4. If there’s any approach to customize my “posture goal” (i.e., how a lot of hours per day I want excellent posture) I haven’t figured it out however. The default is 4 hours, but I want it to become a great deal greater than that; I want fantastic posture all day long! If it is not achievable now to change that, I hope the developers will include that capacity in an update because I really would prefer to be able to do so.

five. I obtain the magnets to become lots robust and have not even worried about losing the device resulting from it coming loose in the magnet. I’ve used each the bra clip and the regular magnets they all appear very strong. I also wish to point out that you will find three much more “hidden” magnets included inside the packaging supplies: they’re glued to the underside on the plastic housing to hold the elements in place inside the package. They are simple to pull off and I am going to dress these up by gluing some blingy things to them to produce them appear extra like a pin of some sort. May too use them, I figure.

5. I haven’t located the battery life to become almost what is stated (5 days); I’ve had to charge mine twice already, getting only had it per week. That tends to make no distinction to me given that I program to just place it within the charger just about every evening prior to going to bed anyway, but anybody who thinks a five-day battery life is significant might be disappointed. I’ll say that I have been applying the device in “Coaching” mode quite a little, which does pull plenty of battery power, and I program to continue undertaking so. That is certainly, following all, the point of it for me (i.e., I want it to buzz me to inform me to sit up straight when I slouch….that is what Coaching mode does.)

Bottom line: I’d say if you’re searching for some thing to help enhance your posture, you like gadgets and are willing to stick with something new long adequate to determine how to use it, you are going to get lots of use out of Lumo Lift. If you’re expecting it to cook your breakfast, move on to a thing with much more capabilities.

Oh, finally… will not function with Android devices at this time. Supposedly that capacity is coming within the future, but I haven’t noticed an indication of when. I’m an Apple girl so this doesn’t matter to me, but if you’re on Android you could be disillusioned in case you order this now.

The Bad Review

Not extremely impressed. I bought it primarily for phase counting, and having the ability to wear it underneath clothes. The posture was not that important to me, but considered it will be a bonus.Are already making use of it for about a month, and it can be extremely inconsistent. As an example, I walked over 4 kms the other day, but it claims I only took 170 methods to get a distance of one.9 km. This is not the 1st stroll which has been inaccurate. I come across the posture keep track of to be inaccurate as well, saying I’m slouching when I realize I’m not. I’m cautious to spot the monitor accurately on my clothes, continue to keep it synced, almost nothing would seem to aid. I’ve contacted support with incredibly tiny response (they’ve only asked what version it was immediately after two weeks of not hearing from them) – I really truly feel I have wasted my dollars. 😦

Update Dec 29: Immediately after last but not least finding some help response they had me reset the lift. It worked better for until a few days in the past, and now is back to its inconsistency. It truly is plainly incredibly buggy. You will find a lot better solutions in existence for your exact same investment or much less. I’m now studying to buy 1 and quit wasting my time with this item.

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