Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker Bands Reviews

fitbitzip– Tracks steps, distance and calories burned
– Syncs automatically to your computer or select bluetooth 4.0 smartphones or tablets
– Set goals, view progress and earn badges
– Share and compete with friends throughout the day
– Free iphone and android application
– Sync stats wirelessly and automatically to your computer and over 150 leading smartphones

The Best Review

Ok, the truth is, I don’t like gimmicks. But, I necessary to lose weight and get my blood pressure down. I needed to stroll. And after trying other pedometers… I wasn’t definitely motivated by them. But, this fit bit zip, fits inside my clothes, hooks on to middle of my upper undergarment (she stated as only an old lady would) and I by no means know it is there – till I log into the laptop and see my amazing progress. For some stupid cause, it works. IT MOTIVATES ME. And now I am averaging 50 miles per week. Walking! Yes, you study that properly. I am just about 63 and I’m walking miles and miles everyday. It really is exciting to attempt and beat my previous record. Get this for the momma!

The Bad Review

The Fitbit Zip would be the initially step tracker that I’ve tried, and for a while, it genuinely helped me to remain extra active and lose weight.

Then after two months, it just stopped working. The display showed an error number, as well as the counter kept resetting actions after which turning itself off. I tried replacing the battery, but it nevertheless did not work.

I contacted Fitbit buyer service, and they sent me a replacement free of charge. They had been incredibly nice about it, which was great.

Regrettably — that Fitbit had precisely the same dilemma following two weeks. I wrote to consumer service again, and they sent me one more no cost replacement. I’ve had that third tracker for a month, and it just died this morning. Exact same issue each and every time.

I am not doing something unusual with my Fitbit — it just sits in my safety pocket or clipped to my dockers as I stroll around. I did not drop it or get it wet or anything. However they only reside for about two weeks to two months.

I am sure I could make contact with buyer service and get but yet another free of charge replacement, but why bother? I am going to discover yet another brand of step counter.

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